Education & Workforce DevelopmentEducation & Workforce Development

The only sustainable solution to income inequality is a good education and access to the skills required to succeed in the knowledge economy. The Partnership promotes employer engagement with the city’s schools and universities, focusing on initiatives that increase the number of students who are well-prepared for college and career.


The Partnership is working to engage employers in revamping Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs in public schools and colleges. This includes support for initiatives like Computer Science for All.

The Partnership is also performing an intermediary function to resolve conflicts over education policy and resource allocation in an effort to keep the focus on student achievement.

The Partnership supports city goals of expanding opportunities for work experience for students and unemployed New Yorkers.


Over 60 percent of public high school students in the class of 2016 are not college or career ready.


As of February 2017, there are 176,000 unemployed New Yorkers, but 113,000 unfilled job openings.


CTE Intermediary Structure
The Partnership collaborated with Department of Education to help shape the plan for $1.5 million added to the FY 2017 city budget to fund a demonstration of how intermediary organizations can play a more meaningful role in the CTE delivery system. This new structure will engage nonprofit intermediaries to help scale employer commitments to internships and other work experience opportunities for new and existing CTE programs.

Mayoral Control
The Partnership was a leading force in promoting mayoral control and advocating for its extension.

Multiple Pathways
The Partnership was a key advocate pushing for the New York state’s Board of Regents to establish multiple pathways to graduation for high school students. These multiple pathways encourage career-oriented studies and give students a practical skillset to help prepare them for college and the workforce.