Our Approach

A Network of Business Leaders

The Partnership for New York City represents the city’s business leadership and its largest private sector employers. We work together with government, labor and the nonprofit sector to promote economic growth and maintain the city’s position as a global center of commerce and innovation.

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Enhancing the City’s Economy

The Partnership focuses on research, policy formulation and issue advocacy at the city, state and federal levels. By leveraging its network of Partners, the Partnership has the unique ability to go beyond advocacy to action. Through its affiliate, the Partnership Fund for New York City, the Partnership directly invests in economic development projects in all five boroughs of the city.

Research and Policy

The Partnership serves as a resource of expertise and creative thinking for public policy makers, the media and others who are trying to understand and stimulate the growth of the New York City economy. The Partnership formulates policy by sponsoring economic impact studies, conducting business surveys, and convening task force panels and conferences for Partners, economic experts, public officials and other constituencies concerned with economic development.

Issue Advocacy

At City Hall and in Albany and Washington, the Partnership provides an opportunity for the business community to be heard on important economic issues, such as job creation and development of the infrastructure necessary to support emerging industries.

Economic Development

The Partnership Fund for New York City is the Partnership’s economic development arm. To date, the Fund has raised in excess of $150 million and made more than 175 investments in businesses and nonprofit projects that promote the local economy. Currently, the Partnership Fund is working on establishing a commercial biotechnology cluster in the city.