Clear for Takeoff: A Better Future for New York Metro Airports

The Partnership conducted a study with PwC to understand how New York City employers and business travelers rely on local airports/air travel, and what improvements could make travel more efficient. Two distinct groups were surveyed by PwC as part of this research: 74 major employers in New York, and 3,763 business travelers who frequently travel in and out of LaGuardia, Newark and Kennedy Airports. Highlights are below.

Clear for Takeoff Clear for Takeoff: A Better Future for New York Metro Airports

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New York City Employers Spend Billions on Air Travel

$57 billion spent on 8.7million flights
to and from the New York metro region, including LaGuardia, Newark and Kennedy Airports.

Air Travel is Steady, Even in a Virtual World

Video Conferencing60%

of employers surveyed say that their air travel has either increased or stayed the same since the introduction of virtual meeting technology, with only 7 percent seeing a decrease of 20 percent or more.


of the most frequent airport users, financial and professional services employers, report that access to a range of good airports is very important to themselves and their clients.

Better Airport Access and Capacity are Needed

Passenger Pickup53%

of employers want improved airport access, including more efficient pick-up and drop-off areas.


Air Traffic Control Tower40%

of employers prioritize expanding air traffic capacity through upgrading the air traffic control system, constructing additional runways and the removal of the perimeter rule at LaGuardia Airport.