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Progress Report on NYC School Reform

September 2005


As of the beginning of the 2005 – 2006 school year, there is good reason to be pleased by the progress of New York City’s public school system and optimistic about the future. Dramatic changes in governance and wideranging reforms have been put in place over the past three years of mayoral control. This report describes interim results of these efforts and outlines eight of the Department of Education’s most important reform initiatives.

The Partnership for New York City believes that the findings in this report demonstrate that these reforms are contributing to a pattern of overall improvement in public education. There is much more to be done and progress in some areas is still uncertain, but New Yorkers have reason to conclude that their school system is finally on the right track.


The 2005 Department of Education budget exceeds $13 billion.


New York City Schools support approximately 1.1 million students.