Research Special Topics

Toward a Resilient System of Health

October 2020


This report details the changes in New York’s health care planning, financing and delivery system that are necessary to achieve a healthier and more equitable city. Suggested actions will require a multi-sector approach to support New York’s medical institutions and health care providers; addressing disparities in health outcomes among communities of color. These reforms are critical to the city’s economic recovery and restoring confidence among New Yorkers.

The findings in the report are a follow up to A Call for Action and Collaboration—an analysis of the pandemic’s impact on the metropolitan region—and based on research and interviews conducted by Deloitte, a global consulting firm.

The COVID-19 crisis also exposed the opportunity for increased medical supply manufacturing capacity in New York City. The Partnership conducted research on New York City hospitals’ purchases and locally/domestically-sourced share compared to other large cities.

All work was done pro bono.