The Partnership is dedicated to mobilizing private sector resources and expertise to advance New York City’s standing as a global center of commerce, innovation and economic opportunity.


The Partnership for New York City is a nonprofit organization whose members are the city’s pre-eminent business leaders and employers of more than 1.5 million New Yorkers. We build bridges between the leaders of global industries and government, drawing on the resources and expertise of business to help solve public challenges, create jobs and strengthen neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs.


New York City has a strong and growing economy, but there are critical obstacles to its growth that require our attention. For example, the median income is rising and employment is at a historic high, but the poverty rate is still over 20%, public infrastructure requires upgrading and modernizing, and public schools and colleges are struggling to keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of the labor market in a technology-dominated economy. The Partnership sees these challenges and threats to the city’s continued vitality as unique opportunities to take action and advocate for the business community and all New Yorkers.


new jobs since 2009, with 76% in boroughs outside Manhattan.


expansion of high tech jobs over the past decade.


growth in the city’s economic output to $919 billion from 2009-2019.

Focus Areas

Areas of focus include improving public transportation, creating a world-class life sciences industry cluster, preparing students for the jobs of the future and expanding economic opportunities for all New Yorkers.

How We Work

Our integrated approach includes program activity, research, advocacy, networking and smart investments. We engage business experts to work with government, academics and civic leaders to help solve challenges within each focus area. We represent the business perspective in policy discussions, on advisory boards and commissions, in the news media and the public forum.

The Partnership’s programs are designed to capitalize on the strengths of the city in order to fuel economic growth and to expand opportunities for all New Yorkers to share in the benefits of this growth. The Partnership network has helped spearhead innovative solutions to some of New York City’s most pressing economic and social challenges.

We engage in advocacy at the city, state and federal level to advance public policies that affect the economic fabric of New York City, such as job creation and infrastructure investment. We actively forge public-private partnerships with government, academia, labor and the nonprofit sectors to advance balanced public policies and legislation that will keep New York strong.

Our research and reports serve as a resource for public policy makers, the media and the public. The Partnership conducts economic impact studies, business surveys, and convenes working groups to provide the public sector with the pro bono expertise needed to make smart decisions that encourage inclusive growth of the city economy.

The Partnership Fund for New York City is the $170 million economic development arm of the Partnership. The Fund’s mission is to identify and support promising entrepreneurs—in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors—to create jobs, spur new business and extend economic opportunities to disadvantaged communities. Capitalized by contributions from the business community, this is an “evergreen” fund and realized gains are continuously reinvested.