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New York’s Booming VC Sector Is Banking on ‘Human-Centric’ Startups

October 21, 2019


Crain's New York
Aaron Elstein

For a $39 admission fee, the experiential museum, or “experium,” plans to offer such made-for-Instagram attractions as the world’s largest pool of inedible, biodegradable sprinkles to frolic in. Visitors can slide down a chute from the second floor to the basement and take in the “celestial subway experience”—a room outfitted like subway car, except with windows that are LED screens.

Although most New Yorkers will have to wait until the museum opens in mid-December to savor the experience, Will McClelland has already punched his ticket: His venture-capital firm led a $40 million investment round in August that values the enterprise at $200 million.