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Partnership: No Time More Urgent Than Now to Expedite Congestion Pricing

August 20, 2021


Katy Feinberg
[email protected]

“There is no time more urgent than now to expedite congestion pricing in New York City,” said Kathryn Wylde, President and CEO of the Partnership for New York City. “Over the last year, car travel has rebounded far faster than mass transit, stifling our ability to move people and goods efficiently and create a healthier city. The business community looks forward to supporting the Biden Administration and the MTA on expeditiously implementing this long awaited plan to fund our transit system and get riders back on subways, buses and commuter rail.”

In a 2018 report, the Partnership for New York City found that congestion costs the New York metro area economy $20 billion a year in lost productivity, fuel and operating costs.