Statement from Kathryn Wylde, President & CEO of the Partnership for New York City, on Governor’s Decision to Indefinitely Pause Congestion Pricing

June 05, 2024


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“The Governor’s decision to indefinitely pause the congestion pricing program is disappointing. Her reluctance to impose a new toll at this time is understandable. New York has become one of the most expensive cities in the world in which to live and do business. But the toll revenues would amount to only $1 billion a year, which is far less than the $20+ billion cost of lost productivity, overtime and fuel expenses, environmental and health costs that are  the result of excess traffic congestion on the city’s streets and highways. We hope that this pause will be temporary, providing an opportunity to ensure that the MTA capital plan will maximize improved transit services that will accommodate a shift from cars to public transit, which is the method that the vast majority of New Yorkers rely upon to get into and around the Central Business District.”