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Dashboard: Key Economic Indicators of NYC

December 2021

Q3 2021 Comparison to Q3 2020

The Partnership publishes a quarterly dashboard of key indicators to measure progress or slippage in the city’s private and public sectors.

Real Estate

Monthly Employment Snapshot


New York City’s Q3 2021 unemployment rate was 10.2%, down from a peak of 18.1% in Q2 2020. Despite recent declines in unemployment, over 400,000 New York City residents remain unemployed.

The following statistics show the unemployment rate in various demographic groups in New York City in Q3 2021.

Labor Force Participation

Recent declines in city unemployment are partially attributable to city residents leaving the labor force, which has contracted every month since April with 126,500 city residents exiting the labor force between April and September.

As a result, the city’s working-age labor force participation rate—the share of the population aged 16-64 that is either working or actively looking for work—lags pre-pandemic levels.